://'You Shall Not Worry' - By M. Harvey

This superb book takes on a Biblical holistic approach to overcoming worry. Using information from the field of 'Cognitive Therapy' , individuals and people who wish to help others can learn how to  overcome this often deliberating problem.

' Get your copy now and discover the liberation to be obtained from a life let loose of worry'

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'You Shall Not Worry' is a book written by a once self confessed chronic worrier who takes you through the stages involved in identifying, capturing and destroying the causes and effects of worry. Taking the 'Christian Chronic Worrier' first from Biblical perspectives and advice on the nature of worry the author shows a systematically developed method for the worrier to breakdown the cycle of worry and then replace that cycle with a more constructive method of thought. He takes methods and strategies from the field of Cognitive Behavoral Therapy and deftly applies this to a technique, which can be of great assistance to those trapped in worrisome problems.

Written from the perspective of a person who has been through the worry process this is not simply information that has been gleaned second hand from a course or educational establishment. Although some of the information presented has indeed been gained from the learning of those who have studied and gotten their information in the field of education, an d undeniably the author makes reference to such knowledge in his research, one feels that it has been made first hand through both experience and self­ development Written with both humility and self-consciousness all the wisdom contained in this book is presented for what it is and the reader is advised to take or leave it. It is a book of guidance not law and as the author says:

'If this book can help just one other person to overcome excessive worry, then I will have deemed it a success.' So in this book the reader will have a valuable resource of information that should help even the most chronic of Christian worriers at least begin their journey toward 'life to the full'.

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